Best Bed Frames for Heavy Person 2020 Consumer Reports

For heavy people, one of the most important things to look out for is a good bed frame. The old bed frame with cracks and noise shows that you need a replacement. The sagging bed isn’t the primary concern, as it won’t be responsible for collapsing while sleeping in it.

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With that side, it is imperative to find a suitable bed frame that would be supportive and sturdy. Unfortunately, there is a slew of these products claiming to be the right fit for anyone, which makes choosing a bit challenging.

Top 7 Bed Frames for Heavy Person Reviews 2020

Therefore, proper and in-depth analysis has been done to find only the top rated bed frames capable of giving you a restful slumber and save you from the stress of bed shopping. So, here is a comprehensive list of top 7 best bed frames to ensure you purchase the right product.

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation


The manufacturer, Zinus, is one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. This bed frame comes compactly packaged to avoid problems carrying the product along the staircase. Also, users don’t have to worry about an extra pair of hands or sweat over assembling the bed frame.

The Zinus 14” Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation is manufactured using steel, which makes it sturdy and supports as high as 2,400 pounds. With its incredible build construction, the bed frame makes it impossible for your mattress to sag.

It is an ideal choice for any types of mattress you got including memory foam, which usually requires flat support. The bed frame is quiet no matter the activity engaged on the bed frame, and without being scared of collapsing when having a peaceful slumber.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Support to 2500 pounds
  • Available in multiple sizes choices


  • Some clients complained of the mattress slipping.

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase


This bed frame is a decent choice for individuals looking for a large product fit for tall and big sleepers. It comes with built-in support, which eliminates getting a box spring for extra comfort. Also, its excellent folding design helps avoid the need for a toolbox when assembling the product, and no worries carrying through narrow doorways and staircases.

Another remarkable feature is its quietness despite being roll over. The 14” Elite SmartBase from Zinus can support about 1,200 pounds without collapsing. Furthermore, all legs are designed inward prevent users from busting their knees or stubbing the toes when walking around. The build construction and slat spacing helps provide support and ensures your mattress does not sag. More so, the bed frame works with all types of beds including latex, memory foam, innerspring, etc.


  • Over 1,000 weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Noise-free
  • Multiple bed slat for excellent mattress support
  • Works with all types of matters


  • The bed frame may cause the mattress to slip down in the direction of the foot a bit.
  • Does not include anything to protect against wobbling

Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat


This foundation from Olee Sleep is regarded as one of the top-tier picks for heavy people looking for a bed frame. Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat is designed to provide the anticipated support for your body and more massive luxurious beds.

Its build construction makes use of steel in making this frame which makes durable and an excellent alternative to using box springs. Also, its unique construction helps prevent wobbling and sliding of your mattress while providing enough space for you and your bed.

There is another excellent feature – easy assembling procedures. The bed frame requires no tool to get it set up and support up to 1200lb. It is also smartly shipped to avoid trouble taking up narrow staircase and doorways.


  • Sturdy slats
  • Impressive support
  • No sliding or wobbling
  • An ideal choice for people dealing with obesity


  • Some users complained of the middle support leg snapping
  • For optimal comfort, you may have to reduce the slat gaps.

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame


Classic Brands keeps paving the way with its premium and well-built products. This bed frame comes with a seam black finishing able to support the most type of mattresses available today while providing the necessary support. The product offers superior comfort and still delivers incredible satisfaction with or without incorporating with a box spring.

Do want your headboard and footboard? The Hercules Heavy-Duty 14” Platform Metal Bed works well with them – thanks to the separately sold built-in bracket. It comes in multiple sizes to fit your bed and amazing folding design to easy carrying in tight corners. Unlike most products, this metal bed frame is designed with foot caps to help avoid leaving a mark or scratches on your floor.

More so, the bed frame is simple and easy to set up without the need for your toolbox or sweating over it. Without a doubt, the pure steel which makes up majorly of this metal bed frame is responsible for sturdy support and comfort experienced.


  • Steel frame construction
  • Caps under each foot to avoid scratching or marks on the floor
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Noise-free


  • Some customers complained of sagging mattress.

Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame


One of the brands known to manufacturer heavy duty bed frame is Malouf. This product stands out because of its excellent comfort and center support offered. It comes with a headboard bracket to provide a restful and decent safety for sleepers.

It is designed to be great with any type of mattress: memory foam, latex, name it. Users don’t need to get extra accessories when setting this metal bed frame up. Also, it provides additional stability to you and your bed – thanks to the two rollers lock. Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame looks elegant and protected by the gunmetal black matte coating.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Center support for powerful stability
  • Extra rollers for supporting heavy people
  • Headboard Brackets


  • Doesn’t seem to include a foot cap to prevent scratching of the floor.

Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame in Gray


This product doesn’t come in large form for easy lifting and carrying through narrow doorways and staircase. The foldable design makes it easy to assemble without needing accessories. The metal bed frame is capable of supporting as high as 1300 pounds.

What less can you expect from a stainless steel designed product? It is sturdy and very excellent in supporting most types of mattresses out there. Available in multiple colors to match your home décor, and its modern design makes it glamouring.


  • Amazing aesthetic and colors
  • Simple to set up
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sturdy
  • No need for a box spring


  • Some users complained of incomplete accessories for setting it up like bolts and nuts.
  • Some customers might experience mattress slightly slipping

Kings Brand Furniture 7-leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame


This brand, Kings Brand Furniture, has always proved its itself to be reliable and worth your buck. The manufacturer has produced an impressive bed frame that works with any size of your mattress including the queen, twin, etc.

The metal bed frame provides sturdy support for your mattress and easy to set up within a few minutes. It unique construction featuring lock wheels and an extra center support rug roller gives the product greater stability, which is vital for heavy sleepers.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Great support


  • Users may stub their toes while walking
  • It doesn’t work for all mattress size but a king-sized mattress.

Mattress Toppers: Good Or Bad By Consumer Reports

It is not always easy to provide answers to a question as to whether a mattress topper is good or bad. A lot of factors needs to be considered before coming into a conclusion – good or bad. Although there are only a little bit of medical opinions on this topic, most mattress toppers meant for orthopedic are produced using materials such as polyurethane memory foam as opposed to latex.

Thus, we will elaborate on this by aiming at the following conditions:


If you have an existing or new mattress that’s too hard or firm, you may soon be dealing with back pain, or experience aches in several pressure points including hips and shoulders. With several options, changing your firm mattress seems to be an expensive option, compared to opting in for a mattress topper.

Most people often prefer to purchase a soft mattress topper for more comforting surface rather than the high firmness offered by their mattress. They can help alleviate pressure points and support the natural alignment of your spinal column. And, as such, helps reduces your chances of experience back pain.

In contrary, if the existing mattress is not quite firm for you, then you would have to apply a firm topper. They provide additional support needed and it is not offered for the topper top surface but its inner core. However, the core support of your mattress is worn or too soft; a mattress topper may not be advisable.

Similarly, if your mattress is too old, worn, or lumpy, using a mattress pad or topper can only provide a temporary improved sleeping surface. Sadly, you may have to purchase a new mattress for long lasting sleep experience.

However, let’s have a look at some of the common mattress toppers types

Here are some of the more common types of mattress topper along with comments on their good and bad features.


Mattress toppers come in any of the four materials to be mentioned below, each having its advantages and disadvantages.


This type of material is the most popular type and also called visco-elastic foam memory. The content helps relax the body, memorize and retains the body curves while you are sleeping.


This topper provides relief to people dealing with back pain and supports the natural body curvature, which makes it’s the right mattress topper for side sleepers. Most people pick this product because of the effects of memory foam. Sometimes, this mattress is infused with gel to help absorb the body heat and keep you cool all through the night. This helps prevent overheating and sweating related to memory foams.


Memory foam is known to result in sweaty night sleep and may interrupt your sleep. The mattress makes use of your body heat to soften and conform to the sleeper’s shape. Sadly, this heat is not well dissipated – except for gel memory foam. Users may find it hard to flip this pad.


Latex mattress topper makes use of rubber plant excretion called latex. And, it is converted into foam using one among the two methods: Talalay or Dunlop. Talalay foam includes more air and softer than its other counterpart.

This product provides the necessary support to several body pressure points while you are asleep. The topper is resilient and absorbs more pressure from the shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side. Also, back sleepers may get an adequate shoulder and buttock support. Sadly, a firm latex foam topper may not be ideal for stomach sleepers.


Latex foam also contours with the sleeper’s body shape, but not exactly as effective as memory foam. Similarly, it can isolate motion transfer and prevent interruption from your partner’s movement.


Memory foam is better for those looking for a product capable of conforming with your body shape. However, a soft latex pad featuring Talalay can help provide a soft feeling on a firm mattress.


For some people, a natural down and feather mattress topper is the go-to for increasing the existing mattress’ comfort. For those with a cushion possessing a firm central core for a high level of support, may find its surface very firm and not too comfortable. People sometimes prefer the luxury offered by natural down and feather mattress topper to increase the comfort levels. The down is a light, soft feather from the breast of birds to improve the top surface of the mattress for better sleep experience.


The topper is very soft and provides users with a luxury feeling when placed on top of your firm mattress.


Feathers and down are natural materials and can trigger an allergic reaction in some users. This filling type is costly and may not be suitable for use during summer, as it retains a lot of heat.


Mattress topper using synthetic fiber comes in various thickness. Thicker fibers mean firmer and denser mattress topper. Thin microfibers providers soft, a comfortable top surface, while hollow fibers provide incredible support. Note, it is essential to check the firmness/hardness before buying such products.


The product is available in various thickness to provide a firm or soft sleeping surface. Therefore, you need to purchase the right firmness, if you must reinvigorate your existing mattress using synthetic fiber filling.


It may become really challenging to get the right hardness, especially for first-time users.


Mattress toppers are incredible bedding accessories if you know the right product to splurge on. You need to make sure you understand: what they are meant for? What proprieties should the mattress feature? And many more before purchasing.

Providing answers to these questions and many more goes a long way in helping you obtain the perfect. Other factors to consider is size, weight, and above all: what type is needed – soft, firm, or cooling mattress topper. Thus, the question as to whether a mattress topper is a bad or good decision depends on what you buy and how you are using it.


Top 7 Best American Standard Toilets Consumer Reports – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Are you in search of toilets that do not only flush effectively, but also comes with elegant and attractive designs? No need to search any further, your answer is American Standard Toilet. This brand produces the most excellent toilet in the industry which makes it the jack-of-all-trades.

Although this brand has been in existence for an extended period, it has been providing quality toilets with unique styles, performance, and durability at just affordable price. This brand produces toilets that fit into contemporary toilets perfectly well. Besides, this brand has been in existence for a long time, and it has manufactured several top models.

Let’s take a lot at the top 7 toilets from American Standard!

American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Toilet

This model comes White color and finishes which makes it attractive and suitable for most contemporary bathrooms. It comes in a dual flush that gives the users the chance to choose between any rate of flushing. A user can choose either flush at 1.0 gallon of water per flush for liquid waste or 1.6 gallons of water per flush for solid waste. It is a high-efficiency water saving toilet that helps you to save a reasonable amount of money spent on water bills. Also, it has a powerful siphonic action that handles 1000 grams of solid waste and 400 grams of liquid waste at just a single flush. It is WaterSense Certified.

Moreover, it features a superb EverClean antimicrobial surface that gets ride of the movement of bacteria, mold, mildew and other microorganisms from the surface of the toilet thereby reducing stain and odor. It is around the front toilet with a compact design, which makes it fits into smaller bathrooms perfectly. It has a 2-years limited warranty.


  • Comes with a powerful siphonic action
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Comes with EverClean microbial surface
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Compact design


  • Seat not included

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height Toilet

This model comes in two major colors which are linen and white. The two colors make the toilet suitable for most modern bathrooms. It also comes in a one-piece mode and an elongated bowl shape which makes it both easy to clean and maintain and even comfortable to sit on. The comforting nature of its height makes it an ADA compliant. This model does not only carry out high flushing performance, but it also has a good look. This model has the power of delivering a cleaner flush by just using 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Also, it comes with an EverClean antimicrobial surface that prevents bacteria, mold, mildew and other microorganisms from staining and thereby keeping the toilet odorless. It features a Champion-4 flushing system that helps to flush wholly and quickly without leaving any waste behind. The bowl also is a siphon action jetted bowl with unique performance. It features 2-3/8-inch trapway that gets rid of 70% of waste at a single flush compared to all standard toilets. Do you know what? This model has a 10-years warranty which is one if it’s kind in the industry.


  • 10-years warranty
  • A powerful siphon jet
  • Comes with an Everclean surface
  • ADA-compliant
  • Low water consumption rate


  • Expensive

American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet Right Height Toilet

If you are in a lookout for a toilet that you can install easily without spending extra money requesting for the service of a plumber, then this model is your best option. This model comes in a two-piece toilet with the combination of a bowl and a tank. It has an elongated bowl shape that makes it comfortable to use while sitting on it. With this model having an EverClean microbial surface, all microorganisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, etc., are prevented from moving around the toilet. For flushing, this toilet only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

This toilet model gives no room for clogging it leaking. The PowerWash rim of this model has the task of making sure that the toilet is kept clean after every use. It features a 3-inch flush valve removes all waste in a jiffy by generating a power flush. The flushing action of this toilet model comes with a pressure assisted mode in which pressure and gravity are joined to produces a potent flushing action. The installation procedure is straightforward and does not need the help of a plumber. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Comes with pressures assisted flushing action
  • Has EverClean microbial surface
  • Comes with a PowerWash Rim
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Gives no room for clogging or leaking


  • Only 12 months warranty

American Standard 2862.056.020 Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet

This is a one-piece, low profile American standard toilet. It comes in a compact design that makes it a perfect fit for most modern bathrooms. This mod is a unique one as a result of its attractive look and astonishing performance. This toilet only consumes 1.6 gallons of water during usage. This consumption rate helps to save about 25% of the water used. This model is a high-efficient water saving toilet. Also, it comes with an elongated bowl which makes it comfortable to sit on. It is made from vitreous china which makes it strong and durable.

Furthermore, this toilet comes in both white color and white finish that most contemporary toilets are painted with. Do you see that this model is more than amazing? That is not all. This model features a siphon action flush that helps to remove all waste in just a single flush. It has 12 months warranty. It is a WaterSense Certified toilet. The installation procedure of this model is simple due to its one-piece nature and compact design.


  • WaterSense Certified
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Made from vitreous China
  • Comes with an elongated bowl shape
  • Has siphon action flush


  • Only has for 12 months
  • Has narrow sleeves

American Standard Cadet 3 Right Elongated Flowise Toilet

This is our recommendation has the best American Standard toilet model. This toilet comes in good quality and high performance. It comes in an elongated bowl shape that makes it easy and comfortable to sit on. It comes with an EverClean antimicrobial surface that prevents bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms from staining the toilet. It comes in a beautiful and attractive linen color that makes it suitable for most modern bathrooms.

It is high-efficiency water saving toilet. This toilet only uses 1.2 gallons of water to flush all waste at a single flush without leaving any dirt behind. It is a WaterSense Certified toilet. It is a two-piece toilet that combines the bowl and the tank. This model has long term durability due to its easiness to maintain and clean. It is made from a vitreous China that makes it durable and at the same time eye-catching.

Based on its installation procedure, it is easy to install as the buyer only needs to read the instructions that come along with the product. As beautiful as this model is, it comes at just an affordable price that an average citizen can purchase. This model has a 3-inch flush valve and a chemical resistant flapper.


  • WaterSense certified
  • Made from vitreous China
  • High water efficiency toilet
  • Comes with an EverClean antimicrobial surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Does not come with a seat

American Standard 2786.128.222 Tropic RH Flowise Toilet

This model is a go-to to enjoy the high performance of the American Standard toilet. It has both features of excellent performance and also a sleek design that makes it an eye-catching for all users. This toilet only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It has a high-efficiency water saving capability as it helps to preserve about 80% of the water used. Also, it is verified by the WaterSense organization.

Furthermore, it features a PowerWash rim that helps to keep the toilet clean before or after use. This rim scrubs every waste or dirt around the toilet. With its 3-inch flush valve joined with a trapway, all wastes are removed at just a single flush to the sewage system. What’s more? This model is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a soft close lid that helps to prevent the slamming of the seat. This SoftClose lid enhances the durability of the toilet.


  • Comes with a PowerWash Rim
  • Has a soft close lid and seat
  • Low water consumption rate
  • Ten years warranty


  • Not compact in design

American Standard 2847.128.222 Town Square Flowise Toilet

Although this toilet model is quite expensive, its price is evident in its quality and design. This toilet comes in two primary colors which are linen and white. It has an elongated bowl shape that makes toilet seat comfortable to sit on it has the water consumption rate of 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This helps to save about 20% of the water used. The WaterSense organization certifies this model.


  • Elongated bowl
  • SoftClose seat
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powerwash rim


  • The siphon hole size is large causing the flap to get sucked down whenever the flush handle is released.

Buying Guide

American Standard toilets are one of the major brands in the toilet industry. This brand does not only produce beautiful models of toilets but also with exception flushing performance. This toilet is usually regarded as the user-friendly. It has been in existences of ages and has been producing both traditional and modern models of this toilet. This brand has a lot of models that it looks difficult to differentiate one from the other. Here are some factors you should put into consideration before going for any of this toilet model.

Bowl Shape

This is a crucial factor you must consider before going for an American Standard toilet. This is because these various models come in different shapes. These shapes include both the round and the elongated shape. The round shape is not that convenient to sit on, but it has a compact design whereas the elongated bowl is convent to sit on but takes more space. Also, most American Standard toilets come in an elongated shape.


This is also one of the most critical factors to be considered. Before you go for an American Standard toilet, you must be sure that this model has either a universal height or comfort height toilet. For a family with different types of individual in it, an ADA compliant toilet will be suitable. A toilet with the rim of 14-15 inches off the ground would be ideal for all ages.

Flushing System

Flushing toilet comes either in a pressure-assisted action or a flush gravity action. The pressure assisted action tends to flush all waste with great force with the use of air. This flush action most of the time prevents clogging of the toilet. On the other hand, gravity flush action is the widely used system of flushing. It uses water weight to flush most waste and sometimes, it clogs.


What You Need To Know Before Buying A Baby Pillow By Consumer Reports

Baby pillow is a helpful protector for the baby’s head during their very first stage of life. However, many parents are still in the dark about how to choose the best pillow for their little child.

“Is my little child old enough to use a pillow?”

“I am wondering about the kind of the baby pillow. What kind should I buy?”

If you are bearing these questions on your mind, keeping reading this article to figure out the answers.

How to choose a perfect pillow for your baby

Should the newborns use a pillow for their sleep?

A lot of parents, especially newly-wed couples who have children for the first time, have a great desire to provide their little angels with the best conditions. A baby crib full of stuff like pillow, mattress or teddy bears may have even been  prepared before the very first time the baby opens his eyes.

Be careful!

According to scientific research, it is exceedingly dangerous for a newborn to use a pillow during their sleep time because of the following reasons:


Your children may suffer from suffocation disorder as using a pillow will make the head of the baby protrude higher than the body, making the passive neck to squeeze into a curve and the chin close to the chest. This is the cause of child’s breathing problem.

Spinal deformities

According to experts, the child’s backbone is a straight line, which means the head and back are aligned. Lying on the pillow will cause the baby’s neck to be dislocated and pinched, leading to the spine changing shape and increasing the risk of spinal deformities.

What is the suitable time for using a baby pillow?

Do babies need a pillow?

Infants are very fragile, they need time to fully develop. So, The answer to the question about the suitable time to use a pillow is about 3 years old or more. This is the time when they pass their infants stage and are strong enough.

Things to take into account when buying a baby pillow

When you are sure that the time has arrived for your child to use a pillow for better sleep, consider these things before buying:

1. Hardness

It is important to choose a pillow of moderate hardness to create comfort for your baby to sleep deeper and better. Mother should not choose too soft pillows. Even for children who have attended kindergarten, the risk of suffocation when sleeping is still very high.

The simplest way to check the hardness is to press your hand against the pillow. If the position of the pressure has a moderate settlement and quick elasticity, mom buy it for the baby.

The firmness of a pillow may affect your baby

2. Size

Children’s pillows need not be too big or too high. The width of the baby’s shoulder size, which is about 40 cm x 30 cm, is the most appropriate.

3. Material

You should choose a pillow that is made from soft and breathable material. Pillow made from natural cotton is an ideal option as it can easily change the height to suit the baby’s lying position and coincidently create ventilation.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when buying a baby pillow. Make sure you know what time is suitable and what kind of pillow is good for your baby.

Thank you for reading!