What You Need To Know Before Buying A Baby Pillow By Consumer Reports

Baby pillow is a helpful protector for the baby’s head during their very first stage of life. However, many parents are still in the dark about how to choose the best pillow for their little child.

“Is my little child old enough to use a pillow?”

“I am wondering about the kind of the baby pillow. What kind should I buy?”

If you are bearing these questions on your mind, keeping reading this article to figure out the answers.

How to choose a perfect pillow for your baby

Should the newborns use a pillow for their sleep?

A lot of parents, especially newly-wed couples who have children for the first time, have a great desire to provide their little angels with the best conditions. A baby crib full of stuff like pillow, mattress or teddy bears may have even been  prepared before the very first time the baby opens his eyes.

Be careful!

According to scientific research, it is exceedingly dangerous for a newborn to use a pillow during their sleep time because of the following reasons:


Your children may suffer from suffocation disorder as using a pillow will make the head of the baby protrude higher than the body, making the passive neck to squeeze into a curve and the chin close to the chest. This is the cause of child’s breathing problem.

Spinal deformities

According to experts, the child’s backbone is a straight line, which means the head and back are aligned. Lying on the pillow will cause the baby’s neck to be dislocated and pinched, leading to the spine changing shape and increasing the risk of spinal deformities.

What is the suitable time for using a baby pillow?

Do babies need a pillow?

Infants are very fragile, they need time to fully develop. So, The answer to the question about the suitable time to use a pillow is about 3 years old or more. This is the time when they pass their infants stage and are strong enough.

Things to take into account when buying a baby pillow

When you are sure that the time has arrived for your child to use a pillow for better sleep, consider these things before buying:

1. Hardness

It is important to choose a pillow of moderate hardness to create comfort for your baby to sleep deeper and better. Mother should not choose too soft pillows. Even for children who have attended kindergarten, the risk of suffocation when sleeping is still very high.

The simplest way to check the hardness is to press your hand against the pillow. If the position of the pressure has a moderate settlement and quick elasticity, mom buy it for the baby.

The firmness of a pillow may affect your baby

2. Size

Children’s pillows need not be too big or too high. The width of the baby’s shoulder size, which is about 40 cm x 30 cm, is the most appropriate.

3. Material

You should choose a pillow that is made from soft and breathable material. Pillow made from natural cotton is an ideal option as it can easily change the height to suit the baby’s lying position and coincidently create ventilation.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when buying a baby pillow. Make sure you know what time is suitable and what kind of pillow is good for your baby.

Thank you for reading!