Mattress Toppers: Good Or Bad By Consumer Reports

It is not always easy to provide answers to a question as to whether a mattress topper is good or bad. A lot of factors needs to be considered before coming into a conclusion – good or bad. Although there are only a little bit of medical opinions on this topic, most mattress toppers meant for orthopedic are produced using materials such as polyurethane memory foam as opposed to latex.

Thus, we will elaborate on this by aiming at the following conditions:


If you have an existing or new mattress that’s too hard or firm, you may soon be dealing with back pain, or experience aches in several pressure points including hips and shoulders. With several options, changing your firm mattress seems to be an expensive option, compared to opting in for a mattress topper.

Most people often prefer to purchase a soft mattress topper for more comforting surface rather than the high firmness offered by their mattress. They can help alleviate pressure points and support the natural alignment of your spinal column. And, as such, helps reduces your chances of experience back pain.

In contrary, if the existing mattress is not quite firm for you, then you would have to apply a firm topper. They provide additional support needed and it is not offered for the topper top surface but its inner core. However, the core support of your mattress is worn or too soft; a mattress topper may not be advisable.

Similarly, if your mattress is too old, worn, or lumpy, using a mattress pad or topper can only provide a temporary improved sleeping surface. Sadly, you may have to purchase a new mattress for long lasting sleep experience.

However, let’s have a look at some of the common mattress toppers types

Here are some of the more common types of mattress topper along with comments on their good and bad features.


Mattress toppers come in any of the four materials to be mentioned below, each having its advantages and disadvantages.


This type of material is the most popular type and also called visco-elastic foam memory. The content helps relax the body, memorize and retains the body curves while you are sleeping.


This topper provides relief to people dealing with back pain and supports the natural body curvature, which makes it’s the right mattress topper for side sleepers. Most people pick this product because of the effects of memory foam. Sometimes, this mattress is infused with gel to help absorb the body heat and keep you cool all through the night. This helps prevent overheating and sweating related to memory foams.


Memory foam is known to result in sweaty night sleep and may interrupt your sleep. The mattress makes use of your body heat to soften and conform to the sleeper’s shape. Sadly, this heat is not well dissipated – except for gel memory foam. Users may find it hard to flip this pad.


Latex mattress topper makes use of rubber plant excretion called latex. And, it is converted into foam using one among the two methods: Talalay or Dunlop. Talalay foam includes more air and softer than its other counterpart.

This product provides the necessary support to several body pressure points while you are asleep. The topper is resilient and absorbs more pressure from the shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side. Also, back sleepers may get an adequate shoulder and buttock support. Sadly, a firm latex foam topper may not be ideal for stomach sleepers.


Latex foam also contours with the sleeper’s body shape, but not exactly as effective as memory foam. Similarly, it can isolate motion transfer and prevent interruption from your partner’s movement.


Memory foam is better for those looking for a product capable of conforming with your body shape. However, a soft latex pad featuring Talalay can help provide a soft feeling on a firm mattress.


For some people, a natural down and feather mattress topper is the go-to for increasing the existing mattress’ comfort. For those with a cushion possessing a firm central core for a high level of support, may find its surface very firm and not too comfortable. People sometimes prefer the luxury offered by natural down and feather mattress topper to increase the comfort levels. The down is a light, soft feather from the breast of birds to improve the top surface of the mattress for better sleep experience.


The topper is very soft and provides users with a luxury feeling when placed on top of your firm mattress.


Feathers and down are natural materials and can trigger an allergic reaction in some users. This filling type is costly and may not be suitable for use during summer, as it retains a lot of heat.


Mattress topper using synthetic fiber comes in various thickness. Thicker fibers mean firmer and denser mattress topper. Thin microfibers providers soft, a comfortable top surface, while hollow fibers provide incredible support. Note, it is essential to check the firmness/hardness before buying such products.


The product is available in various thickness to provide a firm or soft sleeping surface. Therefore, you need to purchase the right firmness, if you must reinvigorate your existing mattress using synthetic fiber filling.


It may become really challenging to get the right hardness, especially for first-time users.


Mattress toppers are incredible bedding accessories if you know the right product to splurge on. You need to make sure you understand: what they are meant for? What proprieties should the mattress feature? And many more before purchasing.

Providing answers to these questions and many more goes a long way in helping you obtain the perfect. Other factors to consider is size, weight, and above all: what type is needed – soft, firm, or cooling mattress topper. Thus, the question as to whether a mattress topper is a bad or good decision depends on what you buy and how you are using it.